Gallagher Workplace Risk – COVID-19 RESPONSE

Helping You Protect Your People

The current COVID-19 experience is causing significant challenge and shockwaves throughout Australian businesses. With daily changes to government directives and increasing social and working restrictions our everyday lives and working routines have been significantly impacted. In addition, the level of uncertainty and media coverage can create substantial anxiety and result in a sense of insecurity and instability on a business and people level.

Gallagher Workplace Risk are committed to providing businesses with the tools and support to manage their workplace risks; this is our core mission. You can count on us as a partner to work closely with you; providing technical guidance on preparing for and responding to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak.

Gallagher Workplace Risk has a team of specialist Health, Safety and Insurance professionals who are able to assist your business with the following:

  • Meeting your Employer Duty of Care to take all reasonably practicable steps to protect the health and safety at work of your employees, including planning for health and safety as part of business continuity efforts
  • Design and utilise appropriate mechanisms to consult with employees, to assess the risk to health and safety of employees in any workplace and to select and apply necessary and practical control and support measures
  • Identifying means to ensure that employees are cooperating with risk control measures; including where these measures are through work from home (WFH) arrangements

Immediate Business Support Services

Given the unprecedented circumstances businesses are experiencing, it is expected that there will be gaps in any organisations business continuity plans, safety processes and general risk management responses. Businesses who address these challenges proactively and predictively are best positioned to ride out the substantial impacts of COVID-19. Our highly experienced consultants are resourced and skilled to support all nature of immediate business needs

  • Risk assessment of workplaces and work tasks to identify risk of exposure / infection and appropriate risk control measures (especially in higher exposure roles such as Customer Service and blue collar roles or tasks requiring business travel).
  • Working from Home (WFH) Platform and Self-Assessment to provide employers with oversight on WFH risks across the whole of organisation and enable targeted (i.e. risk rated) response to those employees where supportive or preventative action may needed.
  • Technical assistance for internal Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning; including assistance with building appropriate communications
  • Review of Safety Management System policies and procedures to ensure your systems addresses the risk appropriately
  • Telephone and video conference support to compliment or free up your internal Safety and HR Teams to deal specifically with COVID-19 response

eLearning Packages

With employees working from home, eLearning modules are a fantastic way to translate important new information, maintain engagement and ensure time which may typically have been directed towards other work tasks remains productive and meaningful to the business. In addition to our extensive eLearning catalogue, we have developed the following specialised modules to address the current challenges experienced by employees:

Working from Home – A Guide to Working Well

  • Maximising a home set-up with what is available
  • Daily routine and working habits to maintain productivity and healthy work practices
  • Strategies to maintain motivation and engagement

Happier & Healthier – Maintaining Wellbeing

  • The continuum of mental health, understanding how you feel and how to self check-in
  • Strategies to maintain positive mental wellbeing
  • Strategies to ensure work supports wellbeing
  • How to access workplace and community support
  • How to ask for help


Workers’ Compensation

Nationally there are a variety of authorities and insurers in the Workers’ Compensation space who are all responding differently to COVID-19. Reach out to your Gallagher Workplace Risk consultant for advice regarding your specific policies.

Download our FAQs document

For a comprehensive overview of how your insurance products may respond please see;

Telehealth Services

With clear directives regarding social distancing and an increase in work from home arrangements, community safety responses pose new risks to businesses who have employees working in very different ways. Our highly experienced and qualified Occupational Therapists and Safety professionals are able to provide telehealth services which manage the new risks presented to your workforce. These 30 minute consultations include:

  • Ergonomic review and advice to employees on maximising their home set-up with what they have available to them
  • Daily routine and working habits advice to maintain productivity and healthy work practices
  • Strategies to maintain motivation and engagement with the broader workforce and workplace
  • A mental health screen to identify any risks associated with the psychological impacts this change
  • Provision of resources for ongoing reference
  • Assessment summary provided to a manager or workplace key stakeholder and safe to work certificate

People Insurances

Providing Personal Accident & Illness insurances to your employees in the event of an injury or illness sustained outside of the workplace. If one of your employees was struck down with an illness and could no longer work, how would they continue to pay their bills once their sick leave was exhausted?  Providing employees with a Group Personal Accident & Illness policy will allow them to have weekly benefits and other ancillary benefits paid. If you are not in a position to fund this, consider offering your employees an Individual Personal Accident & Illness policy. We also recommend that you review your current Corporate Travel policy to ensure that it meets your needs.

  • Group Personal Accident & Illness Insurance
  • Individual Personal Accident & Illness Insurance
  • Corporate Travel Insurance