Workplace Risk applies our expertise in Occupational Health to proactively improve the culture, performance, and wellbeing of people and organisations.

Where an organisation has outstanding claims, we act on behalf of the employer – as an employer advocate – to achieve resolution.

Our effective approach in the prevention and resolution of claims means that on average our clients save 50% on their premiums.

Every organisation should have the option to totally control the cost, productivity and health of their people, without being constrained.

In the 1970’s Jim Kydas’ father was a blue collar worker who enjoyed his manufacturing job and knew his employer by name. He was about to commence a white collar team position because of his industry experience but in 1978, aged 42, he injured his back at work.

While his friends continued to work, socialise and be great husbands and fathers, Jim’s father soon found himself feeling more and more isolated and excluded from activities. His employer did not stay in touch and he was never invited to participate in a return to work program.

As a result considerable financial and social pressures were placed on Jim and his family.

Time passed and although Jim’s father learnt to self manage his pain and eventually move around without aid, his case could certainly have been managed better.  While his back never fully recovered, through a range of strategies he was able to improve his quality of life.

In 1997, Jim found himself consulting to The Victorian Authority alongside field staff. While staff were good at advising employers on occupational safety matters there was a gap in the information being provided on occupational health matters or how employers could reduce their insurance premiums.

Workplace Risk educates organisations on the benefits of providing all workers the opportunity to return to work and re-engage with life.

“Everyone has capacity and we owe it to all injured workers to give them an opportunity to return to work. I am certain that my father’s wellbeing and our family would have benefited if he was given an opportunity to “return to work, return to life” (great slogan by WorkSafe Victoria).” Jim Kydas

Workplace Risks services and strategies, save our clients up to 50% on their WorkCover premiums in the first 1-2 years.

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