The Gallagher Workplace Risk Team have significant experience and a passion for their work. Meet the leaders of our great team.

Vivienne Toll
National Head of Workplace Risk | Australia

P: 02 9242 2084
M: 0466 429 224

Vivienne Toll is the National Head of Workplace Risk | Australia for Gallagher, with responsibility over a dedicated team of specialist consultants who provide risk advisory services to clients through work place health and safety, workers compensation and employee risk solutions.

With a background of more than 18 years’ in leadership, business strategy, risk management consulting, operations and change management, Vivienne is an expert in partnering with organisations to ultimately create a workplace environment that is focused on its people as its single most important asset.

Viewed as a Senior Leader with the ability to resolve complex problems, and analyse situations quickly to lift overall business performance across a broad range of key functional and people risk areas.

Vivienne enjoys working in complex environments, where her and her teams work collaboratively with clients to deliver superior results.
As a strong communicator, Vivienne is often called upon to speak at industry events. She represents Gallagher on the board of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA), utilising her background in workplace risk to enable her to contribute unique insights into NIBA governance.

Workers’ Compensation / Injury Prevention

Geoff Sawers
Practice Leader, Workers’ Compensation | Eastern Region

P: 02 9242 2109
M: 0429 722 393

Having coordinated the service delivery of underwriting, premium and claims management on a portfolio of national clients, Geoff applies a holistic approach to managing the needs of various key stakeholders across differing jurisdictions. A worker’s compensation specialist of 15 years, he has a strong technical background combined with an applied customer service approach.


Paul Marsh
Practice Leader, Workers’ Compensation | Southern Region

P: 03 9412 1637
M: 0432 327 671

For close to two decades, Paul has helped companies take control of their workers compensation claims and self-manage their costs. With an emphasis on workplace rehabilitation, early intervention and injury prevention, Paul has worked with a wide variety of industries across Australia. Paul has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and is a Board Member of the Australian Association of Occupational Therapists.


Paul Myers
Practice Leader, Workers’ Compensation | Western Region

P: 08 6250 8428
P: 0436 821 386

With over 30 years’ industry experience, Paul has helped companies to develop, implement, monitor and review workplace claims and injury management systems in tandem with health and safety programs. Paul has partnered with senior leaders to achieve strategic imperatives, working across a broad spectrum of business areas that have involved implementing technology, process, structural and cultural change.


Justine Beaumont
Principal Consultant

P: 03 9412 1639
M: 0437 703 032


Andrew Jamieson
Principal Consultant

P: 02 9424 1834
M: 0414 202 240


Anthony Lee
Principal Consultant

P: 03 9412 1640
M: 0478 975 572


Peter Paroczal
Principal Consultant

P: 08 6250 8423
M: 0417 172 105


Craig Smart
Principal Consultant

P: 02 9424 1860
M: 0466 455 718


Damien Charleston
Senior Consultant

P: 02 9242 2103
M: 0435 470 586


Clare Craddock
Senior Consultant

P: 02 9424 1857
M: 0407 818 386


Natasha Drummond-Hay
Senior Consultant

P: 08 6250 8443
M: 0477 110 085


Angela Hitch
Senior Consultant

P: 02 9242 2108
M: 0481 903 289


Stephen McCann
Senior Consultant

P: 03 9412 1648
M: 0438 109 508


Lucy McCarthy
Senior Consultant

P: 03 9412 1649
M: 0438 032 849


Jocelyn Moulton
Senior Consultant

P: 03 9412 1650
M: 0438 998 366


Michael Pirro
Senior Consultant

P: 03 9412 1237
M: 0435 965 997


George Eastwood

P: 08 6250 8418
M: 0438 242 972


Omusuma Palmer

P: 03 9412 1643
M: 0437 605 093

Work Health & Safety

Damien Stinson
Practice Leader, Safety | Eastern Region

P: 07 3367 5062
M: 0423 349 729

A senior manager who regularly presents on risk management topics
at conferences, seminars and workshops, Damien has also contributed to state government committees and the Queensland Work Health and Safety Board. He has more than 16 years’ experience in providing risk strategies for businesses, managing employee and operational risks, corporate governance and compliance across a range of industries.


Stephen Lewis
Practice Leader, Safety | Western Region

P: 08 6250 8424
M: 0438 995 328

A former registered nurse, Stephen has more than 20 years experience working in health and safety and worker’s compensation roles, and is a specialist in occupational safety and health, workers compensation, injury management and public safety and liability. As a senior workplace risk consultant he assists clients with identification, assessment and control of their strategic business risks with the aim of reducing insurance costs and maximising safety outcomes.


Keith Govias
Principal Consultant

P: 03 9412 1319
M: 0428 244 578


Michael Leeks
Principal Consultant

P: 08 6250 8422
M: 0457 835 982


Zac Mullane
Senior Consultant

P: 02 9242 2022
M: 0466 927 906


Grace Bannister

P: 02 9242 2027
M: 0417 727 457


Mark McKibbin

P: 02 9242 2095
M: 0447 412 152


Sonja Simpson

P: 08 6250 8341
M: 0456 815 050

Employee Risk Solutions (Accident & Health)

Jane Sullivan
Principal Consultant, Employee Risk Solutions | National

P: 03 9412 1244
M: 0466 552 969

Jane has worked previously as an insurer in workers compensation and consumer insurance, leading in to a broker role within the health and benefits area specialising in Accident & Health insurance products and life insurance for the last three years.

Over the past 15 years in a workplace risk environment, she has had
exposure to, and the servicing of, global and local clients of all sizes and varying requirements.

Throughout Jane’s career she has become aware that her greatest
passion and strength is technical excellence, coupled with robust client relationships. Networking with colleagues and clients has allowed for important Accident & Health gaps to be filled which has ensured that clients have the most appropriate and effective insurance in place.


James McHarg
Account Executive

P: 03 9412 1311
M: 0448 505 322


Murray Green
Account Executive

P: 02 9424 1921
M: 0466 841 209

Workplace Education & Training

Brianna Cattanach
Principal Consultant, Education & Training | National

P: 03 9412 1644
M: 0423 875 145

Brianna provides education and consultancy to employers on all things workplace and people health, safety and wellbeing. With a Masters of Occupational Therapy Practice and a Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience from La Trobe University, Brianna is a guest lecturer in the field of Occupational Therapy at both Swinburne University and La Trobe University with close to a decade of industry experience.


Terryel Hu
Training & Education Consultant

P: 03 9412 1653
M: 0438 722 887

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

More than just sales. Workplace Risk Business Development will take the time to truly understand your needs before they connect you with an insurance or risk management solution. They are customer centered and forward thinking with significant industry experience and capabilities across all aspects of Workplace Risk.

Their sales process begins with an understanding of needs, continues with a solution proposition and does not end until operational excellence is achieved. They would welcome any opportunity to share insights, discuss industry trends and respond to general enquiries.

Christian Lombardo
Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships | National

P: 02 9242 2073
M: 0403 914 381

Christian has provided national account management and policy and
injury management advice to both small businesses and international
corporations. With close to ten years’ experience in the workers
compensation industry, Christian has a deep understanding of premium drivers and key cost containment principles across both managed fund and underwritten environments.


Nicholas Cahill
Business Development Manager | National

M: 0466 480 600

Nicholas (Nick) joins Gallagher following 3.5 successful years working as Business Development Manager within a workers’ compensation scheme agent in Victoria. Nick’s focus was profitable growth within this scheme through both direct and intermediated partnerships.

Nick started his career in the insurance industry in 2006, working initially as a workers’ compensation case manager, then moving to call centre and business development roles, where he worked for 6 years within life, personal accident, investments and superannuation. Moving from life to general insurance, across a 4 year period Nick held broking roles at both global and suburban brokerages in Sydney, ranging from corporate to SME.

Nick’s passion is developing longstanding partnerships through face to face and verbal interaction to the benefit of the business he represents. Through business development Nick has been exposed to multiple sectors and has specialized in aged care, transport, food manufacturing and retail.

Projects & Planning

Jim Kydas
Manager, Project Design & Management | National

P: 03 9412 1638
M: 0414 762 184


Jim has 30 years of international experience, having worked in Australia, Europe and the United States of America.

Jim worked in the information technology industry for 14 years where he delivered information solutions which drove business strategies.

Jim then developed a business for 16 years where he worked closely with employers to understand their workforce operational and financial requirements. He now is engaged with Gallagher and continues working with employers to resolve their workers’ compensation claims, proactively reducing workers’ compensation premiums, and applies expertise to improve the culture, performance, and wellbeing of people and organisations.

Jim also designs and manages National projects for Gallagher Workplace Risk to grow the team’s industry leading services and products, and drive successful outcomes for clients.


Teegan Coutouvidis
Operations Manager, Workplace Risk | National

P: 02 9242 2088
M: 0434 660 308


Assisting all divisions of the Workplace Risk team, Teegan joined Gallagher in 2017. With experience working in both state and local government, Teegan has a Bachelor in Public Relations and has worked on major events such as the Santos World Tour Down Under.

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