Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Workplace Risk runs a popular workshop series across each of the states capitals as well as in selected regional locations. These workshops are an integral part of our Education & Training program.

Most events are free but occasionally there may be a small charge to cover event and venue costs, please take a look at the list of events below and book your seat today.

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FREE WEBINAR: Fitness for Work and the Management of Long Term Injuries

5th May 2021

FREE WEBINAR: Closing the Gap on Employee Insurances

9th Jun 2021

FREE WEBINAR: National Review of Model WHS LawsGetting Ahead of the Curve

13th Jul 2021

FREE WEBINAR: Workers Compensation ClaimsThe First Steps to Managing Your Claims and Your People

3rd Aug 2021

FREE WEBINAR: What is your Reporting Telling You? Building a Balanced Score Card

7th Sep 2021

FREE WEBINAR: World Mental Health Month SpecialManaging Mental Health in the Workplace

20th Oct 2021

FREE WEBINAR: Why Early Intervention WorksManaging Your Injured Workers

10th Nov 2021

FREE WEBINAR: Is “Goal Zero” Helping or Hindering?

14th Nov 2021