Assessments of Capacity

Group Session
2 Hours

Assessments of Capacity empower employers to take a proactive approach to understanding the capacity of their workers from a physical, psychological, and cognitive capacity – enabling employers to meet their obligations through the various stages of employment.

Assessments of Capacity are used in the assessment of a physical injury, cognitive concern or mental health condition, the management of a worker’s compensation claim, and the development of a return to work plan or care plan.  They include both Functional Capacity Evaluations (physical) and Initial Needs Assessments (psychological). Physical assessments focus on the functional requirements of the job and the physical capability of the worker to perform all of the required tasks.

Similarly, cognitive assessments consider a workers ability to undertake the cognitive requirements of the job including attention, concentration, planning, time management, problem solving, decision making and social behaviours. The primary aim is to assess a persons suitability and mental capacity to manage in the workplace and perform their job functions.

Companies that fail to complete Psychological & Physical Assessments of Capacity expose their team to an increased likelihood of injury, reduced productivity and escalate the risks of a worker’s compensation claim.

Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

Organisations that proactively monitor and address the health of workers through early intervention strategies can enhance workplace morale and productivity, reduce costs, and improve organisational culture.

All employers have legal obligations to monitor the health of workers and implement strategies to support workers when they know or ought reasonably to have known of the workers’ physical and psychological conditions.

Workplace Risk takes attendees through the process of obtaining and effectively using Assessments of Capacity within a workforce to:

  • Meet your legislative obligations to monitor health and wellbeing
  • Identify workers who may not meet the Inherent Requirements of their role
  • Separate health issues from performance issues
  • Facilitate a workers functional recovery from injury
  • Prevent further injuries or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions within the workplace
  • Effectively manage workers’ compensation claims
  • Determine a workers ability to perform the inherent requirements of their job

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