Being Work Ready

Group Session
1 Hour

Warming Up to Work is one of the most effective preventative measures available to avoid common workplace injuries and ensure that workers are physically work ready.

Unfortunately while warming up for sport or exercise is common, warming up for work is less widely practiced.

Engaging in a warm-up prior to work is proven to reduce workplace injury for workers of all types – both in manual handing roles and in office environments.

Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

Workplace Risk develops and facilitates group-based work ready sessions that are tailored to specific work functions and environments to cater for the varied physical work demands of an organisation.

These Work Ready Workshops are designed to up-skill workers in appropriate warm up and work practices and lead to a reduction of workplace injuries and risk factors.

The workshops are divided into two parts – Theoretical & Practical.  The Theory section of the workshop focus’s on important educational and best practice information.

The practical part of the session involves hands on activities, allowing staff to put theory into practice and apply knowledge within their specific work environments to imbed the learning.

Attendees will be provided with handout material for their future reference and relevant exercise posters are provided for distribution within the work environment.

These workshops include the following:

  • Practical background in human anatomy and physiology
  • How to warm up and look after your body; work based exercise regime
  • How to work effectively within your environment
  • Ergonomics best practice
  • Exercise, diet and overall health

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