Injury Management & Early Intervention

Group Session
3 Hours

Effective Injury Management is critical in assisting staff to return to work. Taking a proactive approach via early intervention strategies helps reduce claims and develop a positive culture and approach to Occupational Health.

Running a uniform, effective and meaningful injury management process can be a challenge for organisations. Injured staff present a range of complexities that impact operations, finance, productivity, and organisational culture.

Early intervention and functional assessments of workers capacity enable organisations to identify any limitations and provide assistance where required, to address these issues before they progress to claims.

Employers who act proactively to monitor and address the health of their workers enhance workplace morale and productivity, thereby making them employers of choice.

Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

Workplace Risk’s ‘Injury Management & Early Intervention’ workshop is structured to help management identify and manage injuries early on, understand their roles and responsibilities with regard to assisting injured staff, and help facilitate return to work outcomes.

The workshop takes a highly interactive approach that utilises a range of practical case studies, skills building activities, education based upon Workplace Risks extensive experience, and best practice implementation of essential workplace legislation.

Over the course of the workshop Workplace Risk aims to up-skill managers in:

  • Understanding the importance of early interventions
  • Implementing effective early intervention processes for work and non-work related injuries
  • Identifying the early warnings signs of physical and psychological conditions
  • Understanding what to do and say to support workers
  • Taking a proactive approach to return to work and stay at work plans
  • The legal and financial obligations of workers and organisations in injury management

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