Mental Health First Aid

Group Session
2 Days

Mental Health First Aid Objectives and Key Outcomes

Workplace Risk facilitates accredited Mental Health First Aid certificate courses for Mental Health Champions within a workplace. The two day Mental Health First Aid course provides an evidence based and internationally recognised curriculum. It covers how to offer initial support to individuals who are; developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in mental health crisis, until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.

Participants will learn:

Upon completion of the Mental Health First Aid courseMental Health Champions will be provided with a certificate of currency for three years and an extensive and highly researched Mental Health First Aid Manual for ongoing reference. A brief refresher course can be undertaken to maintain accreditation.

As a certificate based course, the Mental Health First Aid course can be delivered to in house at your organisation or as a public course at the Workplace Risk Office.

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