Workers’ Compensation Payments & Premiums

Group Session
2 Hours

Many organisations are subject to rising Workers’ Compensation Claims and increasing insurance premiums and feel they have no real control.

It is important for organisations to understand the drivers and determinants of workers’ compensation premiums and how to analyse workers’ compensation claims data.

Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

Workplace Risk assists organisations to navigate and simplify the complex nature of workers’ compensation claims and premium data.

The Workers’ Compensation Payments and Premiums workshop empowers individuals and organisations to better manage workers’ compensation costs, enabling businesses to reinvest savings into positive workplace programs and initiatives.

Through this interactive session Workplace Risk will simplify the workers’ compensation system and provide an understanding of:

  • Taking a strategic approach
  • Key attributes that drive claims costs
  • Premium sensitive claims costs and how to manage them
  • Statistical case estimates
  • Payments being processed through the workers’ compensation scheme
  • Claims status
  • Key dates relating to claims

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