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Combating Work-Related Violence and Aggression

WVA comes in many forms impacting all work that involves service provision, community facing duties and care tasks; so what is your strategy


Work-related violence and aggression (WVA) involves any situation where a team member feels threatened. This can include physical aggression and verbal abuse. The findings from Safe Work Australia revealed are alarming. 37% of workers indicated they were sworn or yelled at in the workplace. Furthermore, 1 in 3 mental health claims filed by women involved some form of harassment or bullying. For men, this 1 in 5.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue that warrants attention in our communities. WVA is a growing concern within most workplaces, including those who cater to vulnerable populations in the health, community and aged care space. About 22% of those workers reported that they were physically assaulted or threatened by patients or clients. Organisations need to actively look to address WVA to best support their workforce, to meet legal obligations under the WHS legislation, and to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to health.


Our Point of Difference

  • Instructors who are qualified employment lawyers and allied health professionals with a specific experience in designing work-related aggression programs.
  • Case studies from real life workplaces and case law.
  • Additional handouts and resources specific for use within workplaces.


Key Learning Outcomes

Following the course, participants will have the skills and strategies to understand:

  • What is WVA and how does it occur.
  • What does the WVA escalation process look like and what opportunities does this present.
  • What are an employer’s legal obligations in respect to WVA.
  • What strategies enhance reporting around WVA.
  • How to identify and address the early warning signs and environmental risk factors to WVA.
  • Practical strategies for de-escalating emotive and stressful situations.
  • Considerations for employee resilience and aftercare specific to WVA.
  • Strategies for developing a protective and supportive workplace culture.


Who is this course for?

Employers, Operational Managers, People Managers, HR, Injury Management and Safety professionals and those wanting to build a strategy for addressing work-related violence and aggression in their workplace.

* please note a minimum of 8 registrations is required for this course to proceed.



Georgie Chapman, Partner at HR Legal and Brianna Cattanach, Senior Occupational Therapist and Practice Leader at Gallagher Workplace Risk


Event Details

Delivery:            Online event

Date:                  Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Time:                 12:30pm – 3.30pm (AEDT)

Cost:                  $320 per/person (plus GST)


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