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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing workshops assist organisations to meet their Duty of Care and will enhance workplace morale and wellbeing.


The importance of up-skilling all levels of management in the early identification, support, and management of mental health conditions within the workplace has never been so important.

Poor mental health costs Australian businesses over $10.9 billion each year* and the World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the greatest public health burden by 2030 globally.

However, Price Waterhouse Coopers found that workplaces who take a proactive and preventative approach are empowered to minimise the potential challenges and costs associated with the poor mental health of their workers. Price Waterhouse Coopers also report that every dollar spent on proactively addressing mental health in the workplace has been shown to equate to a direct return on investment of 230%. (Source: PWC 2014 // BeyondBlue 2018)

Organisations that empower workers to take responsibility and accountability for their own health and wellbeing significantly increase productivity, enhance workplace culture, and minimise the risk of workplace injuries and the associated costs.

Workplace Risk’s holistic mental health and wellbeing training program offers three levels of workplace intervention and upskilling for managers and workers all facilitated by highly qualified Occupational Therapists with expertise in workplace mental health.


Managers Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

Workplace Risk’s Mental Health & Wellbeing workshops for managers assist organisations to meet their duty of care under the Occupational Health and Safety Act & WHS Act, and will enhance workplace morale and wellbeing.

Through a range of interactive activities, case studies, practical tools and facilitated discussions, the workshop helps enhance the capacity and confi dence of Managers in:

  • What is mental health and how to promote a healthy attitude?
  • Understanding stress and its impact on the workplace
  • Understanding and recognising the early warning signs and symptoms of mental health concerns
  • Early intervention and how to assist within the boundaries of the role
  • Legal and organisational requirements for reasonable adjustments
  • How to manage and support mental health claims
  • How to manage the impact of mental health claims on workplace culture
  • Developing mental health resilience through practical skills and tools to enhance personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of workers


Worker Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

The Mental Health & Wellbeing workshop that Workplace Risk has developed specifically for workers provides attendees with the tools and understanding to be accountable and proactive regarding their own mental health and wellbeing. This approach provides practical frameworks and tools to help workers better identify and manage stress – from both their work and personal life.

Taking a proactive approach to educating workers about mental health has substantial benefits for organisations, resulting in happier and healthier teams, a positive organisational culture, and a reduction in both absenteeism and stress-related workers compensation claims.

Utilising a combination of experiential exercises, group activities, case studies, and educational tools, the workshop delivers outcomes including;

  • Promote a healthy & positive attitude to stress
  • De-stigmatise “Mental Health”
  • Provide a safe environment to explore a sensitive topic
  • Encourage a sense of personal responsibility for mental health and wellbeing
  • Deliver a call to action for better managing mental health
  • Encourage proactive help-seeking behaviours.
  • Provide effective self-management tools
  • Facilitate positive mental health outcomes
Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing workshops assist organisations to meet their Duty of Care and will enhance workplace morale and wellbeing.

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