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Audit and Assurance Programs

Seeking confidence and assurance that your safety systems remain effective?


Many organisations will have a safety management system in place, driven by several drivers including legal compliance, financial, reputational, a requirement of client/s and for moral and organisational culture reasons. Often however, the presence of a management system itself is not enough to assume successful implementation and effectiveness. Further, with Officer Due Diligence obligations established under safety legislation, it is an obligation of Officers to understand their hazards/risks and to make enquiries into the effectiveness and adherence to established safety processes.

Audit and assurance programs are an effective means for an Officer to discharge their due diligence obligations. This is because a well scoped audit can determine whether processes are being followed, hazards/risks are being identified and controlled and finally that the intended controls remain effective.

Gallagher has significant expertise in:

  1. Developing tailored audit and assurance programs;
  2. Completing audits using either proprietary criteria or recognised Australian or International standards;
  3. Completing independent certification audits.


Tailored Audit and Assurance Programs

Gallagher Workplace Risk has significant experience in developing tailored audit and assurance programs that are built using custom criteria that are taken from such factors as:

  • Industry
  • Risk profile
  • Risk treatment registers
  • Organisational / Geographic spread
  • Online / Paper-based methodologies
  • Key Performance Indicators and Reward/Recognition Programs

Whatever your need, we have experience in tailoring the audit and assurance program to meet your organisational objectives.


Audits Using Proprietary or Recognised Standards

All of our consultants have completed Auditor Training in Integrated Management Systems and regularly undertake audits to either proprietary or recognised standards. Just some examples of audits we can undertake for your business includes:

  • AS4801 transition, ISO45001, Nat Self Insurance Audit, Integrated Management Systems)
  • Safety Gap Analysis (our proprietary audit with 10 elements)
  • Safety Compliance Audits
  • Officer Due Diligence Audits
  • Property Risk Audits
  • OHS Essentials Program (VIC): A WorkSafe Victoria Program that offers free independent advice on keeping your employees safe. Should you qualify, you can choose Gallagher as an accredited Safety Provider to assess your workplace, identify hazards and provide a practical safety action plan, tailored to your business. Contact Keith Govias  (keith.govias@ajg.com.au) our Principal Consultant in Victoria to find out if you qualify for the program.
  • Small Business Diagnostics
  • Chain of Responsibility Audits


Certification Capability

Certification to an Australian or International Standard will test your system and provide assurance that the systems in place are supporting and protecting your workers, organisation and stakeholders.

Gallagher is a member practice of Equal Assurance, an accredited confederation of assurance and certification experts. As such, Gallagher can provide independent certification to a range of assurance standards:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems.
  • ISO 45001 / AS 4801 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems.
  • ISO 22000 / HACCP System – Food Safety Management.
  • CCF Code – Civil Construction Management Code.
  • ISO 10002 – Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction.

Certification can provide the confidence, trust and integrity required to boost growth, drive continual improvement, increase profitability and cost savings.


Get in Touch or Need Further Information?

With a locally focused and nationally resourced team, Gallagher are able to provide a personalised, professional and value-for money service. For more information please contact Gallagher Workplace Risk team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an external audit and assurance program?

An external audit and assurance program is an ongoing program intended to increase the quality and value of internal self-assessment and audit services. It assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal audit activity. The program will evaluate conformance with relevant policies, procedures, standards, core values and a code of ethics. As an organization grows, operations and continual improvement processes must evolve to keep pace. A Gallagher audit and assurance program monitors this through an external assessment.  An external assessment is like a periodic self-assessment. An external assessment evaluates conformance to Industry best practice, a recognised conformance standard or internal processes.  A competent and independent external review team provides an objective party for an independent validation of the organisation’s performance and management of risk.