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How is your organisation responding to COVID-19?

How can Gallagher Workplace Risk assist my organisation

  1. We can review your workforce in terms of Fair Work Ombudsman tier based model.
  2. We can draft strategy for relevant workforce segments.
  3. We can support you to undertake required consultation process.
  4. We can implement and review the above quarterly or as required due to changes in legislation and legal precedent.
  5. We can develop a holistic health and wellbeing program for your workplace.
  6. We can complete a specific risk assessment targeting the organisation’s COVID-19 response and workforce requirements, including Officer Due Diligence responsibilities, building plant and workplace design (space provisions, fresh air exchange and temperature concerns), monitoring and engaging with workers who are working remotely to ensure that any physical or mental hazards related to their work are identified, assessed, controlled and part of education programs. More specifically, we can provide you the following services in alignment with International Standard Organisation [ISO] /Publicly Accepted Standard [PAS] 45005:2020 Occupational health and safety management — General guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Officer Due Diligence Sessions

We can provide a curated session (1-1.5hrs)  for your Executive Team to address:

STREAM 1: Mandatory Vaccinations

  • Legislative obligations related to COVID vaccinations.
  • Emerging Government and Regulator guidance on requirements.
  • Best practice approaches and considerations when implementing a mandatory vaccination policy.
  • Emerging case law precedents and Regulator prosecution intent for COVID breaches.

STREAM 2: Meeting Due-Diligence Obligations with COVID-19

  • Legislative obligations as an Officer to provide due-diligence.
  • Managing COVID-19 risk in the workplace.
  • Emerging case law precedents and Regulator prosecution intent for COVID breaches.
  • Maintaining an Officer Due Diligence Diary.

COVID Vaccination Risk Assessment Workshop

We can facilitate an organisational risk assessment workshop (3hrs) to identify:

  • Legislation applicable to mandatory vaccination consideration (i.e. WHS Act, OHS Act, Fair Work Act, Privacy Act, Anti-Discrimination legislation).
  • Stakeholders requiring engagement and establishing an identified engagement schedule.
  • Key milestone dates for the proposed policy/program to take effect.
  • Key areas / job roles with risk exposure requiring prioritised intervention.
  • Identify risk control protocols for exempt workers and those choosing not to vaccinate when in an occupational setting.
  • Whether vaccination, considered as an engineering control is suitable or requiring a range of additional controls to address identified hazards.
  • Consideration of an infection control risk assessment methodology, rather than normal risk assessment practice to address this risk.

COVID Risk Advisory Service

If you have the capacity for internal facilitation of the enclosed (Officer Due Diligence session or Vaccination Risk Assessment Workshop), we can provide external assurance of your assumptions and risk assessments completed to date. We can:

  • Provide technical review of your documentation including COVIDSafe plans.
  • Provide external audit and assurance that your nominated risk controls are being implemented effectively to establish Officer Due-diligence.
  • Challenge proposed protocols based on our knowledge of industry practice and approach with other clients and using our professional networks.

Consider the risk of not having a COVID-19 vaccination policy and a worker transmitting the virus to a fellow worker who subsequently becomes very ill from COVID-19.

Contact Gallagher Workplace Risk on 1300 789 467 or enquirieswpr@ajg.com.au to discuss how we can support your business.