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Technology and Digital Solutions

Does Your Approach Consider the Benefits in Leveraging Technology and Digital Solutions


Artificial intelligence (AI), open source data, sensor technology, information modelling, and machine learning are all big buzz words in the technology industry. When it comes to technology and safety, there are numerous benefits across many traditional areas of demand. Some of these include for example:

  1. Online safety management systems (e.g. replacing traditional paper-based processes into digital and online systems);
  2. Manual handling risks and the use of exoskeletons and sensor technology to identify, quantify and coach workers on the risks;
  3. Transport risks and the use of telemetric systems for managing fatigue, speed, driver behaviour and more.
  4. Augmented reality and Virtual reality being used in inspections and training programs.

The above examples are only a snapshot of the technology and digital solution trends in safety. If you would like Gallagher to partner with your business on how technology may leverage additional efficiencies or competitive advantage, please reach out to the Workplace Risk team.

Please review further detail below on our solutions and expertise in providing flexible online safety solutions using Risk 360 (powered by Smartsheets) and the application of manual handling wearables (by our Occupational Therapists) in reducing manual handling risks.


Gallagher Risk 360

Risk 360 is a custom online solution (powered by Smartsheet) that allows you to manage your WHS compliance obligations in a means that is highly configurable to your desired requirements. Gallagher has configured an accelerator package that includes modules such as hazard/incident management, safety planner, meetings, training, document management, risk management, contractor management, inspections/audits and actions management. You can access via browser or app and features customisable forms/checklists, registers, workflows, notifications, alerts, update requests (very useful for those external to the system), dashboards and reporting.

Please refer to the Gallagher Workplace Risk Partner Program for more details on our approach and pricing for configuring your safety management system to your specific needs. Our approach is tiered to enable a simply configured and supported system (Bronze Program) to a fully supported system with safety consulting advisory in line with an agreed project plan.

To see how we can make the management of safety easy, please contact us for a free demonstration.


Manual Handling Wearables

Gallagher has partnered with several manual handling wearable partners to fuse our expertise in human movement/mechanics and data driven insights that not only quantify risk but can be used to coach workers into less at risk postures/forces. Sensor technology includes:

  1. Video task assessment and analysis
  2. Movement coach functions
  3. Ergonomic coach functions (for desk based workstations);
  4. App support for ongoing notifications and training of staff specific to their roles
  5. Dashboard reporting on whole of program

In addition to sensor technology, Gallagher has applied exoskeleton solutions for many of our clients to assist in lifting and postural tasks, back solutions for improved core stability and strength, through to finger and hand guards to protect against hyperextension and strain injuries.

Collectively, Gallagher is utilising the experience of our Occupational Therapists in conjunction with our Manual Handling wearable technology partners to improve manual handling risk outcomes for our clients. If you would like to undertake a workplace trial to determine how manual handling wearables may be able to improve your manual handling outcomes, please get in touch with us to arrange.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How large should my business be before I consider a safety system digital solution?

As long as digital solutions can be tailored for their intended audience, they can be suitable for all business sizes. Gallagher consultants are skilled with numerous digital solutions in the market and understand the best audience and use case for these solutions. We understand that budget will also be a significant factor in any decision making and the importance of a tangible return on investment from improved efficiencies and automation.

Our digital solutions have significant ability for customisation that can be often undertaken by your organisation (should this be a requirement) or alternatively left in the hands of a skilled Gallagher consultant to customise to your needs. Whatever the sticking point you are facing, there is likely a Gallagher solution to support your operations and allow you to focus on completing the work you are meant to be doing with confidence that safety and compliance are being met.

I already have a digital solution for incident management, does Gallagher have other solutions that may assist our business?

Our digital solutions are highly customisable and therefore can be useful in all aspects of a business. Gallagher has partnered with several digital solution providers that provide high configurable platforms. This means they can be developed to replicate and automate your processes, rather than the other way around.

Gallagher has provided all of the following solutions to our customers to further develop both stand alone systems and integrated management systems.

  • Asbestos Management Modules
  • Chemical Management Modules
  • Plant and Equipment Modules
  • Safety Planners / Calendars (including compliance calendars)
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation Modules
  • Training and Skills Modules
  • Contractor Management Systems
  • Inspection and Audit Modules
  • Customised Safety Dashboarding and Reporting Tools
  • Corrective Action Modules
  • Workforce Planning Solutions
  • Document Management Modules
  • Risk Management Modules

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to have a conversation on your specific needs.

What are the benefits of using Manual Handling Wearables Technology?

Occupational therapists (OTs) have been trained to review and assess the physical demands of a role and therefore can determine the capability of an individual to complete these. Wearable technology supports this by providing deeper analysis during these reviews to determine the physical demands, as well as assisting in quantifying the strain that is placed on the body during these activities. This allows OTs to strategically review tasks with the aim of reducing the loads on workers completing activities and more effectively manage high risk activities to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

The wearables technology is also useful in providing education and training to workers around task performance. Wearable technologies provide easily understood information to both workers and managers around the exposures to risk that they are experiencing as well as providing support to how to remedy this. The technology Gallagher uses allows feedback to be provided instantaneously to the worker meaning that workers can self-manage and adjustments can be made immediately rather than in response to an incident or injury.

Are Manual Handling Wearables cumbersome and likely to impact the my workforce working effectively?

Wearable technologies come in all shapes and sizes. With respect to sensor technology, Gallagher applies a system of sensors that are worn on the dominant arm and collar. These are based off sports sensors resulting in the sensors being unobtrusive and minimalistic. Given the locations and how these are applied they present no likely impact to completion of a workers duties and are suitable for nearly all environments.

With respect to the use of exoskeletons in the workplace, these also come in different shapes and sizes. Gallagher always recommends organisations to commence with a pilot application of the technology to make an assessment on fit, function and return on investment analysis.