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i-Protect is a leading specialist in Personal Accident & Sickness insurance products. Call us 1300 724 436.


We work closely with the mining, transport and labour hire industries.  i-Protect helps business to provide benefits to their workers with relevant insurance products that are both comprehensive in coverage and affordable for them to purchase and peace of mind in the event of an injury or sickness outside of the workplace. 

What is Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance?

Personal accident & sickness insurance provides lump sum and/or income replacement risks for injuries and sicknesses that occur outside of the workplace. It provides peace of mind that you will be able to continue meeting your financial obligations in the event of an injury or sickness.

What are the key benefits of i-Protect that make this appealing to individuals?

  • Cover is Worldwide and is available 24 hours, 7 days per week​
  • A simple application form is complete 
  • Weekly Benefits payable 
  • Weekly Benefit Selection available (up to a maximum of 85% of Gross Pre-Tax Income) capped at a limit of $3,000 per week
  • Maximum Weekly Benefit period is 104 weeks (reducing to 52 for injuries only after age 65 up to age 70) 
  • Workers Compensation top up of up to $400 is available for Queensland and New South Wales works only 
  • Covers people that play sport – as long as sport income doesn’t exceed more than 25% of wages. Injuries sustained from any code of football do have a 28 day excess 
  • Includes an accidental death & funeral benefit plus other relevant benefits.

Why is this product appealing if you are an employer? 

  • You are offering a weekly benefit to your workers 
  • It stops non work related claims being put on to workers compensation policies 
  • You are not paying for this  
  • Employees pay for this via direct debit on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis 
  • It should be given to existing workers and also included as part of new workers on boarding
  • There is no administrative burden on payroll 
  • Can be used as a recruitment tool – “we provide our workers with access to a weekly benefit” 


Are you looking for an insurance product that has been designed for Mining, Transport or Labour Hire?

I-Protect has been developed with an understanding of the needs of these particular sectors and the benefits are relevant in the event of a claim.

Are you looking for an insurance product that provides a weekly benefit for those aged over 60?

Most income protection products cease at the age of 60. I-Protect insures people up to the age of 70.