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We can guide you through the self-insurance process to ensure it is right for you.


More and more businesses are considering the financial and cultural benefits of exploring self-insurance for workers compensation rather than remaining a traditional participant in scheme.

As a self-insurer, a business is responsible for managing and paying all claims and their costs as they are incurred instead of a traditional premium to an insurer or regulator.

With this comes the ability to realise administrative efficiencies, create a better experience for injured workers and make significant cost savings particularly as many industry tariffs continue to increase.

Our Expertise

The self-insurance journey consists of several milestone activities to firstly qualify and then to ensure success as a license holder including (although by no means limited to):

  1. Qualifying the financial viability of the arrangement to deliver long term sustainable cost savings
  2. Assessment of whether claims should be managed in-house or outsourced to a third party provider
  3. If outsourcing the claims management function identification of the best partner
  4. Access to a network of specialised and proven third party providers required to support the self-insured program
  5. An in-depth understanding of the options available with reference to prudential arrangements including bank guarantees, excess of loss, insurance bonds etc
  6. Strategies for best practice management of the existing claims within scheme to minimise financial exposure once you become a self-insurance license holder.

Gallagher Workplace Risk has the experience to support our clients with navigating all the key milestones to enable our clients to pursue self-insurance with confidence.

To hear more about our capabilities or whether self-insurance could deliver the benefits to your organisation that many of our clients have realised please CONTACT US.