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Early Intervention

Early Intervention is an important aspect of the proactive management of occupational health.


Workplace Risk promotes a culture of preventative practice through early identification and rectification of potential problems before they result in an injury or claim.


Creating a Proactive Culture

Through educational workshops, staff and management training, the development and deployment of policy, Workplace Risk develops a culture of early intervention within our clients businesses.

This proactive early intervention culture, establishes that it is both acceptable and desirable for staff and managers to highlight potential risks or problems before they result in an injury.

This can include identifying:

  • Poor work practices
  • Workstations that are not suited to the task
  • Processes that put people at risk of injury
  • Tam members with a physical or psychological symptom or injury or stress
  • Working with your organisation, Workplace Risk will ensure that both staff and managers are educated in the principles and practice of early identification.


Manage Risk and Protecting Workers

In line with this approach, our qualified Occupational Therapists apply a range of tools and programs that enable and assist in the identification and intervention of pre-existing injury or poor work practices that place organisations at risk of a claim.

Pre-Employment Assessments are an important and proactive risk management tool. They help ensure potential employees are capable of safely undertaking a specific job, creating a safer work environment, minimising legal and OH&S risks, and supporting employers in meeting their duty of care.

Assessments of Capacity can be conducted within 24-48 hours of notification. This provides the worker fast support and the employer better control. Utilised with our advanced early intervention process, 90% of cases typically do not result in workers compensation claims resulting in savings in premiums. This adds significant dollars to the bottom line for organisations that can be used to fund early intervention strategies and improve productivity

Employers that act proactively to monitor and address the health of their workers through early intervention strategies, reduce the risk of an injury and a workers compensation claim, enhance workplace morale and productivity, and protect their team.

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Injury Management & Early Intervention Workshop

Effective Injury Management training is critical in assisting staff to return to work.

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