Free OHS Essentials Program

Confidential, independent and personalised safety advice for you

The OHS Essentials Program is a safety consultation service delivered by an independent Gallagher Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) consultant



Benefit from a tailored safety action plan that comes to you.
Making your business safe is essential! It often saves you time in the long run. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your safety obligations.

The best part – our OHS consultant comes to your business at a time that is convenient for you. The consultant will work with you to identify hazards and risks and provide a practical safety action plan, tailored to your business needs and size. The Free OHS Essentials Program has proven to assist businesses in improving their workplace safety culture and reducing the rate of injuries.

Who is eligible?
The program is available to businesses with a Victorian WorkSafe Insurance policy. Sole traders with contractors may be also eligible to apply but must hold a WorkSafe Insurance Policy.

The Gallagher Way

No matter what industry you are in, your employees are vital to the success of your business. Our Safety Team place you and your employees at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our service and can help to deliver flexible and responsive solutions to our clients. We will work alongside you to provide a premium service solution that works best for your business at a competitive price point.



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