Serious Incident Investigation, Audit and Assurance

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A well established and functioning health and safety management system (SMS) can provide organisations a structured and systematic approach to successfully identifying, managing and controlling their health and safety risks. However, despite having management systems and other processes; incidents may still occur.

Finding the cause of incidents and acting to prevent recurrence can have a huge benefit to businesses and protect against broader risk and liability. Serious incident investigations are used to determine causes of incidents and identify failures in existing work, health and safety (WHS) management systems. Investigations may also be helpful to defend legal action and illustrate proactive response to independently identify and address incident root cause.

At Gallagher, our Safety Team comprise highly experienced management consultants, who work across a broad range of industries and with businesses of different sizes to provide independent investigation, audit and assurance services. An independent view can often assist Executive Leaders and responsible Managers objectively identify root cause of events and design best practice controls to prevent recurrence.

Gallagher services include:

  • Provision of technical advice on scene management following a serious incident
  • Assistance in the collection of relevant evidence, including collection of witness statements and photographs
  • Advising on Regulator inquiry and aligned investigations
  • Reviewing relevant documentation and legislative requirements
  • Conducting incident analysis using appropriate techniques and models (i.e. iCAM, People, Equipment, Environment, Procedures and Organisation (PEEPO))
  • Establishing event timelines and interviewing interested parties
  • Determining casual factors that contributed to the incident
  • Provision of recommendations to organisation on how to reduce risk or manage compliance
  • Incident performance analysis and KPI planning

The Gallagher Way

No matter what industry you are in, your employees are vital to the success of your business. Our Safety Team place you and your employees at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our service and can help to deliver flexible and responsive solutions to our clients. We will work alongside you to provide a solution that works for your business at a competitive premium price point.

For further information on our Safety Solutions, please contact:

Damien Stinson
Practice Leader, Safety Eastern Region

M: 0423 349 729

Stephen Lewis
Practice Leader, Safety Western Region

M: 0438 995 328